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SEO Copywriting

Making sure your website isn't left behind in the search results is a daunting task. In one hour your website can literally fall from the first search result page to the last, depending on your business' area. Even more important, once you get to the top of the search results, the battle to stay as number one begins!

            By selecting our team, you are selecting more than one service. You are choosing an established team with a reputation to create publishable content for your site. But, you are also hiring a team of researchers that will look into the specific keywords and phrases you need to ensure your site generates the leads necessary to realize its potential.
            Our writing staff will create an article that is nothing short of a work of art. Rich enough in density for the keyword to pull results without compromising the flow of the article, our SEO Copy-writing service will help you to create a website that is easy to read, is well researched, educational, and is easy to find for any search engine.
            It all starts when our team of researchers investigate the keywords. We look into your competitors site, and see how much of the market they are taking up. We navigate through out their site to get a feel for their content, and to see what writing techniques they are using to get their sales.
            Now here is the good part, we take this information and use it for your website! By seeing what your competitors are doing, we simplify this, and mix it with a unique perspective for your website. We do not copy and paste the words, so much as we decide what writing stance they are using. For example, if one of your competitors is using content that reflects a doctor's terminology, we will absorb this mentality into our articles! If your competitor is using rich on-line templates that feature bullets and or numbering, we will incorporate this into your project.
            Once we have gotten a feel for the competitors, we begin our rough draft process. We determine a level of density for the keywords, and write them into each paragraph in a way that seems natural and free flowing. We will use the terminology of your field of business to generate a professional feel, and use the competitors template and layout strong points in your favor. Once the article is written, we move on to our editing team.
            Our team of editors will pour through the article, and check it against spell checks, grammar and punctuation checks, and determine the reading level of the article. If the keyword density fits the requirement, we send it back to our writing team.
            Our writing team will then do a word count check, to make sure it is of the right length. After this, they will determine if it is necessary to rewrite it, or if it can be submitted as a final draft.
            Our editor's then check the content of the document against Copyscape.com and duplichecker.com, to ensure that there is nothing available on-line that resembles it. This step is crucial, and we never overlook it, because of our commitment to you, our client.
            We only offer unique, fresh, smooth flowing, and well researched articles to our clients.