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The Importance of Online Article Writing

One of the best things you can possibly do if you own a home-based business is write some online articles. Home-based business websites don’t usually get the traffic they need and it is not for lack of a good web page design. The importance of a goo marketing strategy should not be underplayed, as this is probably what is going to result in gaining those all important customers. 

A good page rank in the search engine lists is one great reason to start writing articles. With a good page ranking, you can get a lot more traffic by simply being at the top of the list. Let’s face it, you probably don’t have a lot to work with in terms of a marketing budget; article writing is the best, and actually the most effective way of doing so without needing a lot of money for advertising.

To get a better ranking, you need to not only have a relevant topic but you also have to have a lot of other sites in the same niche link to yours. Asking for a link back to your site is difficult to say the least; having some articles with good and valuable content is a great way to stand out and be recognized as a good source of information on a topic so that other sites will agree to link to you more readily. Keep in mind that if you do have a low page rank, most sites will not want to link to you; you can remedy this, or at least help it along, by sending a sample article so that they can assess your website value.

Traffic is great, but qualified traffic is way better. The difference between these two types of traffic could mean the difference between success and failure for a home-based business. As an example, say your site is selling hand crafted candles and two customers happen to come by your page, one from a link on a nutrition site and the other from a site dedicated to selling candles. It’s obvious that the customer who is more likely to spend their money on your products is the one from the candle site.

One way to accomplish this is by getting your articles circulated widely and making sure that they are very specifically written to guide consumers to your products. You wouldn’t want to write an article on vitamin supplements with a blurb about aroma therapy candles in the hopes of getting the majority of readers to come to your site to buy candles. If you write specifically on the topic of aroma therapy candles, perhaps the different scents and what they do, you will find that the customers who follow links to your store have candle buying in mind.

An added benefit to writing articles for online marketing use is the practice you receive in writing. It will not only teach you how to write, but how to write effectively. And since you are online, you can readily look up anything you don’t know, including definitions of words you might want to use and synonyms to commonly used words and phrases that you may find yourself repeating too often in your writing. Another added benefit of writing your articles is that you can become even more familiar with your chosen business and be able to answer questions that any of your customers may ask.