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An Overview of Online Article Writing

Gleaning customers and traffic from the internet can be as simple and easy as writing a great article on a topic you know well. This will not only make you appear to your customers as an expert in your field (which you undoubtedly are) to build their confidence in you and improve your relationship with them, but it will also provide great free advertising and increase the hits and backlinks you will get to your site.

If you are providing a service or a product for sale on the internet, there’s a good chance you are an authority on the subject already. You can share this information with others and make money doing o. You don’t have to give away a bunch of your trade secrets or even your wholesale sources, but you can provide information to a stranger on a number of aspects regarding your business and its products. The intent is to give your reader informative and valuable content so that they know you can be trusted and that you know what you’re talking about. Building trust will take your business a long way when it comes to customers deciding who to make their purchase from.

A terrestrial form of this technique helped me in building my business, I received a call from a local paper asking if I had any insights or opinions to share about subjects that were relevant to the business I had. I readily gave information and my thoughts on the matter, and to my shock and amazement, the information I gave created instant credibility and drew in customers that never would have found their way to my business on their own.

There is one tactic that can help you achieve the confidence of article writing and the top listings with the search engines that you desire. Search engine optimizing will help the searchers in the world know that what you’re talking about in your article is exactly what they are looking for. There is some skill required in learning to do this well, but the long-term rewards from doing so are obvious. You can attract millions of people to your site by simply using the highly searched keywords in your particular niche.

Not only do you have to optimize your content for the search engines, you also need to be aware of your ratings and how they are affected. One way to increase the ratings and search engine hits to your site is by having websites with higher rankings link to yours. This is called a back-link. How you create some good backlinks is by first, writing an informative article and then second, submitting it to the higher ranking sites. These can be article submission sites, related business sites or online magazines (Ezines). If you gather a good number of high-quality backlinks, you will be one of those high-quality ranks that people so desperately want to link to.
The ultimate way to get businesses into the minds of consumers used to be press releases.

Article writing is basically the same as a press release, only there’s no sales pitch involved. Consumers are much savvier these days, and a number of people will seek out all the free information they can get their hands on. By providing free information with a link to your site with products that relate, you are giving these savvy consumers what they want, free information, as well as building their faith that you aren’t in it just to make money.