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Ten Tips on How to Write an Online Article

The internet was built as an information superhighway, so it is no wonder that so many people log on each day to seek out the information they crave. The real guts of the internet are in the content that people provide via the written word. When managing a website that you hope will become successful, you should be adding some great content onsite as well as submitting content to other sources such as newsletters, Ezines and other related product sites. Here are a few tips to help you create this great content.

1. Clearly state the subject if the article within the first paragraph. All of the information pertaining to who, what, when, where and why should be easy to locate. You can simply state the problem and follow that with a solution or a step-by-step approach to solving it.

2. Begin by organizing your thoughts on the topic into points. Think about or make a list of the points you will be trying to cover in your article. This will help you shape your numbered lists, the steps involved in the step-by-step or just paragraphs.

3. Make the reader comfortable and put them at ease. Since you are writing for the vast majority of people online who are seeking information in layman’s terms, remember that you are not writing for a literary or scientific society and that your style should be simple to follow with simple wording. If you do introduce new words, make sure you define them clearly.

4. Use short paragraphs when explaining your points. Short paragraphs are little tidbits of easily digested information that the reader can easily follow. A huge, solid block of text can be daunting to see, and might put-off your readers. A good short paragraph will consist of about three to five sentences; these are not run-on sentences, either.

5. Be brave and bold and give away your trade secrets. This is not crazy talk. If you can build confidence and trust and at the same time create a demand for your goods by letting people in on your secrets, you can go a long way toward achieving you profit goals. Say your service is writing metatags, you think “who will need me if I explain how it’s done?” By giving more information, people will know that you are the authority on the subject and will come to you for what they need. None one wants to do the hard work for themselves when you probably know how best to do it for them.

6. Provide personal experience and back it up with concrete examples. You can give hypothetical situations or tell about a problem you faced and how you solved it.

7. Keep the emphasis on how your service would benefit them. It’s the benefits that sell your products and services for you. You might be selling garden supplies, clothing, gifts, home d├ęcor and jewelry; but the benefits of shopping with you might be the free shipping or the convenience of one location.

8. Provide your resource information. If you give website addresses that readers can look to in order to verify your source comes from a reputable authority, you can gain even more confidence in your own knowledge. Not only that, but you will boost your page rankings in the search engines, too.

9. Ask for opinions of your article. Keep in mind that a good editor is important in becoming a great writer. Show your article to friends and colleagues and try to get their honest opinions; then take what they said and apply the constructive ideas to your article.
10. Place the most pertinent information at the beginning. Start big at the top, as people tend to read downwards, and then summarize at the end.  Things that are typically cut by editors are at the end and you wouldn’t want anything important removed.