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Importance of Writing Online Articles

It seems that everywhere you go online you can see a number of desperate people who are searching for ways in which to increase traffic to their sites. Some of these individuals would actually pay hundreds of dollars in their hard-earned cash to get an Express Listing on Yahoo. One of the best and most powerful solutions to this problem is actually absolutely free and anyone can do it.

There are some savvy webmasters who have been using this exact technique, with great results, for years. It drives high-volume, quality traffic to their sites and they have made a fortune with it. This miracle of marketing is Article Writing. There is a huge demand for information on just about any topic you can imagine, and even some that you can’t. It’s surprising that there aren’t many more people using this powerful strategy. The reason you can see the same articles with the same information being posted again and again is there just aren’t many people in the know about this amazing marketing tool.

But, why is it such a great technique? When you write an article and publish it to the many available Ezines on the web, you are basically getting a free full page ad to promote your business. The only difference is that your article is actually way more effective than a full page ad. You might be asking why that is true.

Take this scenario as an example: you want to know some information on writing articles. You put “Article writing” into your search engine box, you click the listing that says “Article Writing Techniques” in the hope of finding some article writing techniques and instead you happen onto a website that is loaded with sell sell copy and some images of an eBook that will teach you how to write articles. Right away you start a new search for whatever it was you were looking for in the first place.

This would be a great way to get some information on what you were looking for if you didn’t mind paying for it, but you were just trying to scour the internet for information that would help you write an article, and you wanted that information for free. A better tactic for that person with an eBook product would be to offer some techniques in an article and then a link for the eBook sell. By doing so, the business selling that product has done a couple of very good things; first, he has built some trust with the customer by being informative and offering some valuable content and second, he has teased some information that is probably in the eBook and has drawn the customers interest in wanting to gain further knowledge on the subject.

Another great reason to start writing articles to market your products is to make your marketing approach more pro-active rather than passive. If write your website content flawlessly to get in the top 10 listings on the major search engine lists, that’s fantastic; however this is more passive because you have to wait for your traffic to search the appropriate keyword in order to find you. An even better and more pro-active approach to market is to post articles you’ve written to Ezines for free to drive traffic from those sites to yours.